Our Story

Holy Monday was founded by the Halcyon Movement to witness the righteous anger exemplified by Jesus Christ on Holy Monday, the day on which he courageously cleansed the Temple of corruption (John 2:14-16).

As Christians, we are likewise called to renounce and expel evil. In doing so, we must embody the courage and conviction of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Holy Monday’s apparel and creative initiatives are designed to embolden our customers to fight evil at every turn, just as Jesus did.

Our Founders



Chief Brawler

Audacity, audacity, always audacity.

- Frederick the Great of Prussia

Why the Wolverine?

Titanium Spine: fourteen 3″ screws, four rods, and two connectors; eight 1/2″ screws and one plate.

Fear of Pain, Suffering and Death: ZERO.

The Wolverine on Holy Monday:

“Jesus Christ was full-on gangster in the Temple on Holy Monday. He flipped over tables, and chased the money changers with a whip. Our dark culture needs Gangster Jesus more than ever.”

A Favorite Bible Verse:

“Let those who love the Lord, hate evil.” – Psalm 97:10

Lazarus the Viking on the Wolverine:

‘He bleeds God, Family, and Country. He’s passionate, driven, hilarious, tatted up, and hardwired to give the middle finger to purveyors of evil and WOKE culture.”

Some of TJ’s Holy Heroes:

  • Saint Joan of Arc
  • Fra’ Jean Parisot de la Valette
  • Saint Maximillan Kolbe
Lazarus the Viking

Lazarus the Viking

Chief Beard

You are my war club, my weapon for battle.

- Jeremiah 51:20

Why Lazarus the Viking?

COVID-19 almost killed Lazarus in 2021, God had a more righteous plan.

The Viking is BIG, BALD, BEARDED, and he never cowers when fighting for good.

The Viking on Holy Monday:

“The world is consumed by evil. The culture is increasingly bankrupt. As Saint John said, ‘God is Love.’ But, we need Jesus to bust some skulls.”

A Favorite Bible Verse:

“You are that man.” – 2 Samuel 12:7

The Wolverine on Lazarus the Viking:

“Everything about Lazarus the Viking is EPIC: his size, his beard, his chunky jewelry, his family, his smarts, his faith, and his willingness to go to war against evil.”

Some of Nate’s Holy Heroes:

  • Saint John the Baptist
  • Blessed Fra’ Gerard
  • Saint Ignatius of Loyola